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Combine forces with New Zealand’s premier Automotive Intelligence Platform, and drive unparalleled growth and insights across marketplaces, dealerships, and management systems.

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Unparalleled Market Insights for Marketplaces

Harness the might of AutoGrab’s dynamic data-driven insights to empower your automotive marketplace. Offer users up-to-the-minute pricing and valuations, unlocking new opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Our tools, powered by cutting-edge machine learning, ensure accuracy, and precision.

Seamless Integration with Dealership Management Systems

AutoGrab’s API ensures fluid integration with Dealership Management Systems. By partnering with us, you can provide dealerships the ability to price, value, and source cars more efficiently. Take advantage of our intuitive user experience and powerful analytics to offer an unprecedented level of decision-making capabilities.

Supercharge Dealerships with Advanced Lead Management

In the fast-paced world of auto sales, every lead counts. AutoGrab offers advanced lead management solutions, delivering instant notifications, detailed customer insights, and analytics. By joining hands with us, you ensure that dealerships never miss an opportunity.

The AutoGrab Advantage

  • Realtime Pricing: Stay ahead with real-time wholesale, trade, and retail pricing.
  • Sourcing Made Easy: Filter, search, and compare vehicles from multiple platforms, including real-time listings from Facebook Marketplace.
  • Customer Recapture: Stay in touch and retain customers like never before with our advanced notification systems.
  • Analytics & Insights: Dive deep into the automotive market with comprehensive dashboards, reports, and BI tools.

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