Manage all of your listings in one location

Understand where your vehicle sits in the market, what you’re competing against and make real-time decisions on how best to position your stock to sell.

Price to the entire market 

Benchmark your inventory across all marketplaces and gain actionable insights when the market changes.

Manage your online listings with the most advanced insights available

All your listings

Aggregate all of your dealerships’ listings, across all marketplaces, in one location to make review and analysis easier.

In market context

Pricing to market is only possible when you have a view of the entire market. View each of your cars and where they sit against the competition.

Track changes

Track when you made pricing changes and how effective they were by measuring lead numbers.  

How do your listings stack up?

Customise the market overlay to suit your unique retail strategy. Compare vehicles to exact like-for-like units or toggle vehicle attributes to measure against adjacent markets.

Inventory review

Quick fire analysis to streamline pricing reviews. Toggle between inventory items to gain market insight before taking a deeper dive.

Our Product Suite

AutoGrab enhances operations through products tailored for vehicle sourcing, acquisition, customer outreach, valuation, in-depth market and inventory analysis, and optimised retail and wholesale selling strategies.

Leverage our advanced pricing model to get retail and trade pricing in seconds.
Be the first to know when a car you sold returns to the public market.
Price your entire fleet and model residuals over the long run to make smarter decisions.
View every listing in one spot with the only sourcing tool for every marketplace.
Centralise all your vehicle listings whatever marketplace they are on.
 Insurers can use PAV to uncover a vehicles true value as part of a claims process.

Let us help you navigate the market

If your not comparing the entire market your missing the whole picture.

Powerful data on the entire market at your fingertips

Market leading price prediction model

Web products or APIs to power your experiences