AutoGrab: Pioneering the Future of Automotive Intelligence

At AutoGrab, we are fueled by a singular ambition: to redefine automotive intelligence and empower dealerships, businesses, and individuals with unparalleled insights.

The automotive industry is only just seeing the start of immense innovation and change. Chris and I founded AutoGrab to be at the forefront of this global transformation.

Our vision is to help steer the automotive industry’s exciting digital evolution.

Daniel Werzberger, Founder

At the core of the automotive industry, it’s all about making the right decisions.

Built in a rapidly evolving market, making the right decisions requires timely, accurate, and comprehensive insights. This has always been a challenge, especially as businesses expand and market dynamics change.

This very challenge birthed AutoGrab, the most advanced automotive intelligence platform in New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia. We’ve created a platform that bridges the gap between technology and the automotive world, ensuring that as businesses grow, the essence of insightful decision-making remains uncompromised.

Our vision: Drive the Future, Intelligently

As the future of the automotive industry shifts towards digitisation and artificial intelligence, we’re here to steer the change. Our commitment extends to three key pillars: the innovative products we develop, the values we uphold, and the standards we exemplify. Come, revolutionise with us.

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Teams in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and London

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Daniel Werzberger

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Chris Gardner

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Henry Pedersen

Chief Operating Officer

Stewart Bird

 Chief Product Officer

Raph Hennessy

Head of Engineering

Saxon Odgers

Chief Commercial Officer

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